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Grade 7 


Content Standard

A. READING AND LITERATURE - Students in Wisconsin will read and respond to a wide range of writing to build an understanding of written materials, of themselves, and of others.
B. WRITING - Students in Wisconsin will write clearly and effectively to share information and knowledge, to influence and persuade, to create and entertain.
C. ORAL LANGUAGE - Students in Wisconsin will listen to understand and will speak clearly and effectively for diverse purposes.
D. LANGUAGE - Students in Wisconsin will apply their knowledge of the nature, grammar, and variations of American English.


Performance Standards
A.8.1 Use effective reading strategies to achieve their purposes in reading.
A.8.1.B Use knowledge of the visual features of texts, such as headings and bold face print, and structures of texts, such as chronology and cause-and-effect, as aids to comprehension.
A.8.1.C Establish purposeful reading and writing habits by using texts to find information, gain understanding of diverse viewpoints, make decisions, and enjoy the experience of reading.
A.8.1.D Select, summarize, paraphrase, analyze, and evaluate, orally and in writing, passages of texts chosen for specific purposes.
B.8.1 Create or produce writing to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes.
B.8.1.A Write a coherent and complete expository piece, with sufficient detail to fulfill its purpose, sufficient evidence to support its assertions, language appropriate for its intended audience, and organization achieved through clear coordination and subordination of ideas. 
B.8.1.D Write clear and pertinent responses to verbal or visual material that communicate, explain, and interpret the reading or viewing experience to a specific audience.
C.8.1 Orally communicate information, opinions, and ideas effectively to different audiences for a variety of purposes.
C.8.1.F Differentiate between formal and informal contexts and employ an appropriate style of speaking, adjusting language, gestures, rate and volume according to audience and purpose.
C.8.2 Listen to and comprehend oral communications.
D.8.2.B Make appropriate choices when speaking and writing, such as formal or informal language, considering the purpose and context of the communication.

Unit Objectives

NOTE:  Nonfiction text is also addressed in the History of English and the Eyewitness Classics units.

1. To use text structure to aid comprehension.
2. Identify and explain information, main ideas, and the organization of informational text.
3. Inferring and drawing conclusions from data.
4. Identifying types of information in order to categorize data.
5. Write a coherent and expository piece to explain or interpret the visuals and written text.
6. To present an oral presentation of material read to include:
     a.  content, such as summary, specific details, and/or oral read
     b.  speaking components: audience, volume, purpose, language
7. Listen and take notes on presentations.
8. Develop thinking skills necessary for categorization.
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